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HOUSE OF BIBLES...Testimony from Togo



 How blessed we were in so many ways at our Scripture Conference in October! One very special moment shared by all who attended the BBQ at the Bible Barn stands out, however, among the rest. We were grateful that Wednesday morning to hear many wonderful reports from missionaries who have received Scriptures printed by BLMF, and when Brother Emmanuel Guangampo from Togo, Africa began sharing his story we were all captivated. Raised in a Voodoo-steeped area and culture, Emmanuel had never even seen a copy of God’s Word until the age of seventeen when someone gave him a New Testament. As he began to read the Word of God, the Holy Spirit started working on his heart and showing him his need for the Saviour. Brother Guangampo shared, “I tried to run and hide from the Holy Spirit, but I just couldn’t!” Emmanuel was gloriously saved, but then faced much ridicule and opposition from his family who feared he would now be “killed” by the Voodoo gods for accepting Christ. Still, through his consistent testimony, he eventually was able to lead his entire family to Jesus Christ.


            Emmanuel, years later, met Missionary Ed Stanley and Pastor Chad Stanley who have been distributing BLMF Bibles in much of Africa for years now. He shared with the Stanley’s the need of Scriptures in the church he pastored as well as in the surrounding villages. They told him that the Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation would be sending 30,000 Bibles to Africa soon and he would be able to get some for his people. Brother Guangampo paused briefly while sharing this part of the story with us then said with tears in his eyes, “I lived many years with no Bible at all in my home, and now since the shipment from BLMF, my home is the House of Bibles!” Pastor Emmanuel is now able to give Bibles stored in his humble home to the people of his church, as well as Africans all around their area when witnessing and winning people to Christ!


            As Americans, many of us raised in godly homes, we really have no idea what it would be like to live most of our young lives with no mention of Jesus Christ in our family and not one Bible sitting anywhere to be seen. No family devotion or prayer time would be present at the breakfast and supper table, no peace and joy, and no rest or security that we know because of Christ. When you sponsor a Bible through BLMF, you are actually affecting a real soul…a real person with a story that is changed for all eternity. Families, churches, communities and nations are shaken by the power of the Gospel, and you can have a tremendous part in it! What are you planning to invest in this Christmas? Could you and your family change the lives of another family across this world? Wouldn’t it be a more meaningful gift to sponsor Bibles in honor of your loved ones than give another pair of socks or popcorn tin? Imagine a young boy or girl seeing and hearing the Word of God in their hut houses for the first time ever. There is no greater gift than the gift of God’s Holy Word that keeps on Living!



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